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  • HB 5239 Human Trafficking (Kurtz) Requires Department if Human Services to report suspected child abuse or child neglect involving human trafficking to law enforcement
  • SB 205 Sex Trafficking (Emmons) Increase penalties for crime of soliciting sex act from a minor who is 16 years of age, or younger
  • SB 587 Human Trafficking (Gregory) Provide for counseling program for children found to be victims of human trafficking
  • SB 597 Human Trafficking Medical Services (Warren) implementing training requirements for medical professional regarding human trafficking
  • SB 592 Human Trafficking Victims (Proos) Establish medical services for victims of human trafficking to receive medical and psychological care

West Michigan Anti-Trafficking and Social Service Organizations

Wedgwood Christian Services

Arbor Circle – Street Youth Outreach and The Imports 

Bethany Christian Services Refugee Foster Care Program

Betterway Imports                                              Eve’s Angels

Hope for the Voiceless                                       Hope Project

Michigan Abolitionist Project                          International Teams

Project Liberty                                                    Sacred Beginnings

West Michigan SSTREAM                               Women Hear for Women There

Local Fair Trade Shopping

Betterway Imports                                           The Bridge

Clothing Matters                                              Global Fusion

Glo Giftsbal                                                       Green Sahara Furniture

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National and International Voices

Administration for Children and Families

Amnesty International

Department of State - TIP Office

Homeland Security

Love 146

Not For Sale Organization

Polaris Project

PROMISE Organization (Chicago)

Shared Hope International